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Bitches Love Chocolate

16 Feb

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s day is Russell Stover candy hearts.  Who doesn’t love a delicious assortment of chocolates in a pretty little heart shaped box?  I bought myself one this year because first of all I love myself and second of all I love me some chocolate.

Like I said...Bitches. Love. Chocolate.

The good thing about Russell Stover’s hearts is they come in all sizes.  So if you’re feeling a lot of love,  you can buy a giant heart containing 3 pounds of candy.  On the other hand, if you are on a diet or feeling not so loving, you can buy a little heart with just a few pieces.  I bought myself the medium one since I kind of have a love/ hate relationship with chocolate.  If you are a Closet Fat Chick like me you understand what I mean.

Now, listen carefully because I’m about to tell you about something amazing.  If you go to you can create your own box!  You can pick how much candy you want and you can even pick the specific types of candies to put inside.  My personal favorites are the ones with the raspberry filling.  In the near future, I am going to make myself a giant heart filled with only those candies.  In the meantime, I will just have to continue eating this yummy random assortment until I discover one with raspberry filling.